Excerpts from the Book

Met Her
Then I saw her, standing at the end of a row of slot machines, just looking around. She was stunning. She looked to be about five-four, maybe 110 pounds, and about my age. A short-haired brunette, dark complexioned, a knockout figure, and her clothes fit her to a T. Plus, she had eyes as black as coal. She looked out of place. My first thought was that she was a hooker. But then I remembered they were not allowed in hotels (unless the hotels supplied them for you). And they can spot them. I approached her and finally got her to talk to me. We had dinner. She was with some friends on their first trip to Vegas. I said I was a football gambler and was here because Vegas had the most up-to-date betting lines. I could not tell her why I was really here.

Got Caught
      The sports book manager said, “Sir, would you please come with me for a moment.”
      “Sure, what’s the problem?” He didn’t say anything. We went into one of the back rooms where there were two other men waiting. I said to myself, This can’t be good—I knew this was going to happen.
      “Your name is Martin Adams, isn’t it?”
      “Uh, yes it is. How do you know that?”
      “Let me show you something.” At this point he went to a computer and typed in a few commands with my name at the end. After a few seconds, my picture came up. Not only that, but within a few thousand dollars of what I had won in Reno and Las Vegas. He said, “Ain’t technology grand?”
      “I guess so.” The wanted poster.
      “Mr. Adams, how is it that you never lose?”
      “Well, I just study the games and stats and make my plays from that.”
      “Bull, you have a method. We haven’t figured it out yet, but we will.” I thought, No you won’t.
      “I thought anyone could come in and bet and may the best man win.”
      “That is true, but you never lose and we can’t and won’t allow that in this casino.”
      “Well, what if I file a complaint with the gaming commission?”
      “Mr. Adams, you would be well advised not to do that. The results of that could be very unpleasant. We’re going to pay you what you have won, but that’s it for you, my friend. If you ever come back to this casino, you’ll regret it. And we’ll know when you come.”

A Way Out
I thought the casinos were giving me so much heat because they were afraid of me (the man who never loses). They thought I had come up with a system that they didn’t know how to deal with (and I had). They were not so worried about losing a large amount of money to one person because they knew they would get that back in the long run. But if I never lost, could this be a system that I would share with other gamblers, a system that I would sell (the world’s greatest tout)? This could cause them serious damage in the future. I would have to be even more discreet. Then, I came up with a plan.

The Disguise
I left a wake-up call for 4:00 A.M. since it was going to take so long to make me a new man. When we got up, Ray told me to shower and get my face really clean and shave very close—which I did. Then Ray went to work on me. I have never in my life worn makeup. What an experience. He painted something on my face that felt rubbery. He said it was important to match my color so it wouldn’t look fake. He touched up my cheeks, nose, ears, chin, forehead, and neck. After he finished with my disquise, I looked like a completely different person. Then he taught me a Scottish accent. Now was ready for the sports books in Vegas.

The Hack
      I was now up $600,000 plus. During the trip back, a light popped into my head. I could hack into the casino’s servers. The casinos store all their information about everything on servers. A server is just a giant computer (main frame/storage device) that’s connected to all the computers in their hotel. This way they can access any information any time they want. I was reasonably sure they wouldn’t store their information in the cloud. The cloud is many groups of servers all around the country that information is stored on. One reason that casinos wouldn’t use this method is because of the massive amount of information they have. Another reason would be to keep their information totally in their control. They would allow other casinos to view their customer profiles only (which include pictures of their customers). But they wouldn’t allow the other casinos to store this information. Probably for copyright reasons.
      There’s one other thing. All casino servers would have firewalls. A firewall is a hardware device between the casino servers and the internet that lets information out, but allows no information back in, unless it’s requested, such as the simple act of going to a website and requesting to view a webpage. A firewall would allow the webpage in. Otherwise, nothing can penetrate the firewalls. But as in almost all things, there are exceptions. I know firewalls can be breached by mimicking a request that would appear to come from some computer inside the network. Then the firewall would allow outside access. Now, I would be in their network. At this point, all I had to do was log into their server with a username and password. There are programs available that enable you to try billions of combinations in minutes. Once I logged into their server, I could do what I needed to do, which was delete all our profiles. I would use a special filter that can be commonly bought over the Internet. This would keep them from knowing where the intrusion came from—or even knowing that there was an intrusion. That was what I was going to do.

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