Casinos could not figure out why he never lost.

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Paul Lawrence weaves a fascinationg tale of gambling, romance, adventure, history, football and betting basics in Monday's Edition - a football gambler's odyssey through a season of trips to Las Vegas and Reno to try to beat the system. Taking on this normally impossible task is Martin Adams, a 55 year-old computer technician and confirmed bachelor who discovers an incredible advantage that allows him to win any pro football game he bets on. But, due to the transparancy of the Internet, he soon came to be known as "The man who never loses." Even though, casinos kept throwing roadblocks in his way, he was able to side-step them almost every time, due to his intuitive imagination; elaborate disguises and help from his friends. He even found a way to make himself virtually invisible to the sports books. Armed with technological know-how and his advantage, Martin's life is about to change in a big way - and not just financially.

Follow this modern-day Robin Hood's incredible trials and treks to the gambling capital of the world in Monday's Edition. It's a sure bet!

Paul Lawrence has been to Las Vegas more than 30 times. He has come home a winner 3 times.

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